Elements Eco-Efficient Features

A green and rewarding life, the Elements Eco-efficient Residences way.

Elements Residences has set a new standard for condominium living by merging “green” technology within everyday living while reducing the carbon footprint on the environment without sacrificing convenience or your lifestyle.

Our first of its kind eco-efficient features that promote water and energy conservation will get you to save more, thus, spending your money on things that matters most.


Solar Panels


Both towers are equipped with solar panels which absorb solar rays and convert it into electricity. Power generated will illuminate our Sky and Hanging Garden as well as other common areas in the building.


This rooftop which is covered with vegetation serves several purposes. Our very own Sky Garden functions as rainwater absorption, building insulation and creation of habitat for city wildlife.


Here at Elements, many of the compact fluorescent lamps are replaced with LED lights. This modification alone efficiently saves up to 80% of electricity


Added to the innovation and technical aspects of Elements Residences is the introduction of rainwater catchment facilities that provides a sustainable source of useable water especially during rainy season. Collected rainwater in these facilities provides water to irrigate the Sky and Hanging Garden and serve as a back-up water supply to the fire protection system.


This technology dramatically improves energy efficiency of Elements by channeling electricity only when needed. This power saving measure cuts overall operational cost of the building by reducing electricity consumption.


This simple water conservation technology is used in Elements’ residential units substantially lessens yearly water consumption of a typical family by up to 22,000 gallons


Recycling and reusing will be a common practice at Elements Residences. Our business center and administration office will also partake in the eco-efficiency of the whole building, from the use of recycled paper to refillable ink cartridges to refurbished computers, and re-chargeable batteries.

These eco-efficient features will not only benefit the environment but also the residents by lowering the over –all operating cost of the building, hence, reducing the monthly association dues.

These eco-efficient features are some of the noble contributions of Elements Eco-efficient Residences towards a greener environment.

Create your own meaningful, sustainable and rewarding life the Elements Eco-efficient Residences way.

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