One of the highlights of Elements Residences is its Features. A member of the Green Council, true to its commitment of delivering environmentally responsible acts, we offer a number of Eco-Efficient Features within the building.

Solar Panels

Installed in the Elements Residences, it converts absorbed sunlight into electricity that reduces over-all energy consumption and carbon emissions in addition to lowering association dues.

Green Roofs

Elements Residences prides itself of its Green Roofs dedicated to vegetation and foliage. The Sky Garden effectively helps lower air temperature, absorbs rainwater for multi-purposes and provides insulation to counter the tropical heat.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

 LEDs are the heights of energy efficiency in modern lighting features. Aside from its non-mercury component, Elements Residences saves up to 80% in electricity requirements using LED for its lighting requirements.

Rainwater Catchment

Elements Residences introduces its unique Rainwater Catchment facilities that serves as the building’s sustainable source of usable water for maintenance and beautification of its resources. The collected rainwater provides irrigation for the Sky and Hanging Gardens.

Smart Controllers

Elements Residences have taken a step further in their power-saving measures through cutting-edge Smart Controllers. These devices automatically illuminates the common areas to accommodate the user. With this, the controllers cuts overall operational cost.

Low-Flow Technology

The Low-Flow Technology substantially lessen an average family’s water consumption by up to 22,000 gallons per year. Applied in every water outlets in Elements Residences, this technology pushes forward conservation and reduction of charges for a more resourceful living.


With ELEMENTS’s noble initiatives to be with the world in the campaign for a greener future, Recylcing measures are sustained all-throughout the building in addition to fruitful efforts of the company in bringing eco-friendly features for the benefit of the residents and the environment.

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